Cloud Gaming Platforms: Which One Is Right for You? [2023]

Cloud gaming has been gaining popularity, allowing you to stream games to your devices without investing in powerful hardware. 

With several cloud gaming platforms available, it can be challenging to determine which one suits your needs the best. 

In this blog post, we will compare five popular cloud gaming platforms: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, PlayStation Now, and Amazon Luna, to help you make an informed decision.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 

Price: $14.99/month

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers an impressive catalog of games and supports various devices. 

With constant updates from Microsoft and additional benefits like EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, and game discounts, it’s an excellent choice for Xbox console and PC gamers who value a diverse game selection. 

However, the highest membership tier can be expensive.



Price: Free with a one-hour session limit per day, or $9.99/month for Priority membership

NVIDIA GeForce NOW allows you to play games you already own and offers a free membership option, making it an attractive choice for gamers on a budget. 

The Priority membership includes added perks like extended session lengths and RTX ON graphics. 

However, the platform is limited in some regions, and not all games may be supported.


PlayStation Plus (Merged with PS Now)

Price: $9.99/month, $24.99/three months, or $59.99/year

PlayStation Now has been merged with PlayStation Plus and is no longer available as a standalone membership. Benefits that were part of PlayStation Now are now part of the various membership plan options available in PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus boasts a vast catalog of classic games from PS2, PS3, and PS4, making it an ideal choice for fans of the PlayStation ecosystem. 

With multiple subscription tiers available, it caters to different budgets. 

However, streaming is expensive and can be limited to PS4, PS5.


Amazon Luna 

Price: Luna+ channel ($5.99/month), Ubisoft+ channel ($14.99/month), and additional channels

Amazon Luna is playable across various devices and offers several subscription plans, making it a versatile choice for gamers. Prime members also enjoy a free rotation of monthly games. 

However, the catalog is split across multiple channels, and the platform’s future is still being determined.



Each cloud gaming platform has its unique advantages and disadvantages. 

The best choice for you depends on your specific needs, such as the devices you have, your gaming preferences, and your budget. 

By considering the pros and cons of each platform, you can find the one that offers the best gaming experience for you.